Leading teams is hard. It is also one of the most enjoyable things I have ever had the privilege to do. Bringing together talented people, clearing the path and watching them shine is amazing. We are often asked to create “stretch” goals for ourselves and our teams.

Stretching is important. It creates flexibility, builds strength and just as important helps reduce the chance for injury when we push ourselves a little too hard.

A component of stretching that we don’t think about often though is the anchor point. The foundation that you pull away from. A few years ago my bicep tendon separated from my forearm. Simple things like turning a doorknob or lifting a coffee mug (GASP) suddenly became difficult, painful or downright impossible.

When asking your team to stretch don’t forget where your anchor points are. What are the values guiding your business and the ethics guiding your behavior. It is good to stretch and push to be a better you. Tearing away from the anchor in the process though can suddenly make important things like retaining people or delivering projects difficult, painful or downright impossible.

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