In a Way, A Goodbye

Hard to think it’s been eleven years since Lee and I started this blog.  Putting two big southern guys in the same room with opposing views was bound to cause some noise.  Our daily debates during lunch about the how and whys of the (then) Enterprise Content Management space sparked interest in those that passed by.  From that windowed office in Atlanta, we’d often find ourselves in a point, counter point, debate.  When it was suggested to Lee that we take it on-line, Lee was quick to put up our shingle.  I don’t think either of us could have predicted what would come out of it.

Blogging was a “side-job”.  I never expected I would enjoy writing so much.  I published over two hundred articles on BMOC over the years and dozens of others on other sites.  I still remember the first time someone said they were a “fan” of the blog.  Hearing that someone was listening made writing fun and kept me going.  So thank you.  I hope some of the insights I offered provided value to you, because you have provided valuable insights to me.

It’s with a heavy heart that this is my last blog for BMOC.  The blog is now in Lee’s capable hands, as it always has been.  Still this is not a good bye to the CSP space.  Rather the end of a chapter with a new chapter about to begin.

So thank you for reading my thoughts over the years.  I hope you enjoy your holiday break and share smiles and laughter with family and friends.  And may I wish that next year brings you good fortune and opportunity.

2 thoughts on “In a Way, A Goodbye

  1. I guess we’ll have to have our debates offline. Those are always the most fun but it is that much harder for people to see me win. 😉


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