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Trello (maybe) Takes an Arrow to the Knee

January 11, 2017 • Collaboration

I hated Trello. Maybe that’s too strong. I was genuinely annoyed by it. It just didn’t seem to do what I needed it to do. Nevertheless I was forced into adopting it by departmental mandate. This adoption problem though was not with Trello. The problem was with me.

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November – Contracts Life Cycle Management Recap

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Don’t miss our monthly recap of news, blog posts, and events from 35 Contract Life Cycle Management vendors.  Subscribe to this recap and get a copy of our 2016 Contract Life Cycle Management Buyer’s Guide. Here’s the big new from November. CIO Review – 20 Most Promising Enterprise Contract Management Solution Providers 2016 – Nov… Read More ›

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Smart Capture is not Text Analytics

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One of the things that got me going again about Text Analytics was the claim by many vendors at the AIIM Conference 2016 that they support Text Analytics.  Most didn’t and here’s why. Zonal OCR and Smart Capture are Not Text Analytics In automated indexing of captured (or imaged) documents, there are two options Zonal… Read More ›

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Information Professionals – Why do we stay?

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I really enjoyed Pie’s article, “What is an Information Professional?”  His research on where many of us came from and what we wanted to be was interesting.  In his close, he asked for the story of our start.  It got me thinking.  Isn’t the more interesting question for any Information Professional, why do we stay? Being an… Read More ›

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There’s no difference between Global 2000 and Mid-Market for ECM

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For way to long I’ve heard that there’s a difference between enterprise content management (ECM) at the “enterprise” level and at the “mid-market” level.  It seems that “enterprise” has taken to mean the Global 2000, rather than the type of decision.  Isn’t every organization an “enterprise”?  This has meant to some that the mid-market is… Read More ›

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Lost Knowledge Found – Content Integration

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Finding documents is one of the biggest challenges for most organizations.  This is supposed to become easier after implementing an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, but when an organization has multiple platforms it becomes exponentially harder.  The documents are under control but they have different ways they’re organized, they have different keywords, and are locked… Read More ›

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Getting Rid of Paper is Simple Arithmetic

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I’m going to be honest, selling “scan and store” is boring.  When I get asked the value of simply scanning all the documents in a file room and storing them in a repository with a simple index, I become Rainman.  “That will be $10,000 and you’ll have a 1-year return on investment.”  Usually no one… Read More ›

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Three ways Hurricane Matthew reminded me of Compliance

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At the beginning of October, I had to put everything on hold and address a category 5 hurricane headed my way.  (That means 157mph winds.)  As I prepared, I was reminded of surviving Julio in open water in a sailboat in 2008.  The lessons I learned growing up helped to understand what we were dealing… Read More ›

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Predicting the Future of Documentum and EMC’s ECD

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With the new year, I began a new endeavor.  I am now a monthly contributor to DOCUMENT Strategy Media.  In these articles I will be more focused on the business impacts of content management.  This is my first article which was originally published on DOCUMENT Strategy Media. Please visit here for the original post. On September 12, 2016, OpenText… Read More ›