Opinions and discussion on content management and document management by one of the biggest guys in the business. *Measured by combined weight


BigMenOnContent (BMOC) is a multi-contributor site with content from experts across the content management ecosystem.   BMOC is a channel for many voices and has both regular writers and guest bloggers.  Contributors write here because they are genuinely passionate about content management and have invested many years in the industry.  We feel the more we talk about the industry, the stronger it can become.

BMOC is a completely non-profit, vendor neutral forum for sharing individual experience and opinion in technology with a special focus on content management.  The opinions shared here represent those of the contributor themselves and not those of their employers nor that of BigMenOnContent as a whole.

Curators, Editors, and Contributors

Lee DallasLee Dallas

Lee Dallas has worked extensively in the content management market since 1995 with a broad range of corporate business problems including technical publishing, product data and records management. He was responsible for Documentum architecture at Delta Air Lines followed by a term as Senior Architect for Content Management and Collaboration at The Home Depot. Lee joined Armedia,LLC as a principal consultant before moving to the Alliance presales teams at EMC’s Enterprise Content Division.  Today he leads a presales team for Box taking customers into the future with Cloud Content Management.  (Lee’s LinkedIn Profile)

Past Contributors

  • Marko Sillanpaa (co-founder)
  • Lubor Ptacek 

Guest Contributors

  • Tom Rouse

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