History or Why Big “Men” on Content

In 2007, we (Lee Dallas and Marko Sillanpaa) spent many hours at Armedia arguing across the table, in IM, email, and phone about the future of technology and content management. Lee brought over ten years of experience in the customer world with Delta and Home Depot.  Marko brought over ten years of vendor experience with Documentum, EMC, Accenture, and CSC.  Anyone that has meet either us knows that we’re passionate about ECM and our varying backgrounds added fuel to the fire.

At first our co-workers would close the doors to avoid the noise.  Then after a few days they would come in, listen and participate in our debate.  It was during one of our more heated debates that one of our co-workers suggested we put it online and the idea for the joint blog was born.

How we got our name

In case you’re wondering about the blog title – as luck would have it BMOC.wordpress.com was available.   First, Marko came up with Bubbas on Content but we decided that it didn’t fit our polished professional image. With our size we could have just called it Buddha’s on Content but Lee’s knees won’t let him sit in a lotus position anymore.  Our collective egos even briefly considered Big Minds on Content.

Ultimately, Big Men on Content was born.

At first our tagline was, “Opinions and discussion on content management by two of the biggest guys in the business.  (Measured by weight not volume.)”  Again, anyone that has met us knows that neither of us are little guys.  The tagline created the logo, two sumo wrestlers in ready position on the scales representing customer and vendor.  We wore logoed polo shirts at our first Joint conference and even brought along remote control sumo wrestlers.

Time Marches On

In 2019 Marko joined Gartner as an analyst and can no longer participate in BMOC. His thousands of words of insight however remain for the ages. Lee continues to blog as time permits and continue in the same spirit as always.

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