Vignette 7.SoWhat

Saw this press release on the new version of Vignette and suddenly realized – I don’t care.  A once influencial product line that sadly won’t matter again until somebody buys them out.

2 thoughts on “Vignette 7.SoWhat

  1. It is a sad state. Autonomy is going to keep using the Interwoven name, strictly around the WCM portion of the product stack. Vignette needs help soon if it is going to avoid slipping backwards and losing what little ground it has left to Interwoven and the other several dozen vendors trying to fill the need.


  2. And still out there are Broadvision and Art Technology Group. But when you look at their stocks over the last year you see why Autonomy bought into Interwoven. Then again Autonomy has yet to integrate any of their tools.

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