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There Can Be Only One (Repository)?

For years I have believed in the Highlander principal (from the movie of the same name) for enterprise content management (ECM), There Can Be Only One.  I lived and breathed that mantra back at the millennial. The belief was that only one repository was what was needed for an ECM platform.  That was right then… Read More ›

WCM On A Sunday – Complexity and Pointillism

Irina Guseva of The Real Story Group had me thinking last week about complexity and Web Content Management. Somehow the lead value proposition of most WCM pitches is never quite achieved. Everyone should easily be able to do whatever they want with no training and still have meaningful content on the web right?  What we… Read More ›

Thoughts on Gartner’s WCM 2010 MQ – Day of the User

I finally got around to reading the 2010 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM. It was a little difficult for me because it is no secret that I dislike WCM and this page turner didn’t change my opinion. The WCM market for all of its churn is more mature than we like to admit. Even Adobe’s acquisition… Read More ›

BMOC at AIIM Expo 2010

On Tuesday afternoon I’ll be speaking on Mobile Content Management  at AIIM Expo.   Mobile content management to me is a “coming of age” story but debate continues as to whether or not this is a category that can eventually stand on its own. Can it be a peer to the other members of the family (WCM, DAM,etc.) ? … Read More ›

EMC Shifts to Web Experience Management with Fatwire

EMC Documentum is announcing a new reseller relationship with Fatwire that will fundamentally change the way it competes in the web content management market. For those that are familiar with Documentum’s history in the web content management space this announcement will cause mixed reactions. Many forget that Documentum was actually one of the very first… Read More ›

Content Management, “Over the Next Hill”

Recently I had saw a strange slide put up on the wall.  It simply said “Over the Hill”.  It’s intent was not to look out a year or two into the future but to look ten years out.  I thought hey what a great idea.  Then I had a flash back to one of those… Read More ›

2010 Content Management Predictions from Lee Dallas

My dream job is being a pundit on a cable news network. Dress nice, spout opinions all day and no accountability. (not unlike an executive  consultant)  As it is though I have to work for a living and the closest I can get to that is making predictions about the content management market place for… Read More ›

8 Dimensions for CMS Technical Evaluation

There are many places you can go to find information on the racking and stacking of CMS systems. Everyone has their preference and there is no shortage of experts who will evaluate your situation and conclude their favorite is the best for the job.  Over the years I have developed a serious disdain for a common… Read More ›

Vignette 7.SoWhat

Saw this press release on the new version of Vignette and suddenly realized – I don’t care.  A once influencial product line that sadly won’t matter again until somebody buys them out.

Interwoven and Dallas Rule #12

James Murray, VP Interwoven Europe, in an interview with IT Week advocates (in his words) blowing up ECM because its confusing. Well, as Dallas Rule #12 says “If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.” So – they are hardly a failure but maybe he’s saying “We’re not a mediocre ECM, we’re a great WCM… Read More ›