BMOC at AIIM Expo 2010

On Tuesday afternoon I’ll be speaking on Mobile Content Management  at AIIM Expo.   Mobile content management to me is a “coming of age” story but debate continues as to whether or not this is a category that can eventually stand on its own. Can it be a peer to the other members of the family (WCM, DAM,etc.) ?  My opinion is that a similar dismissal of WCM as “just a delivery channel” in the beginning constrained innovation. We’ll discuss this and other lessons from the early days of various ECM categories.  In keeping with the coming of age idea and to make the topic more fun I’ll be comparing this time for the market to the awkwardness of being a teenager.  If you miss the session be sure to look for me roaming the show or hanging around the EMC booth. Hope to see you there!

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