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What does a bubble smell like?


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Golden Gate Bridge is reflected in a soap bubble

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Random thought – Read a tweet by @8OR15 that suggested the Twitter, Facebook and Groupon valuation run up smells like a bubble. I don’t disagree but I what I really like is the phrase. Begs the question – just what does a bubble smell like? I suppose it smells like whatever concoction makes up the thin film maintaining the surface tension. Until it bursts that is and then you get a whiff of whatever noxious gas is really taking up all the space.

So what does a tech bubble smell like. Before it burst it smells like money. Rapidly expanding surface area filled with irrational exuberance and uninhibited optimism. From the inside – the outside world looks blurry and distorted. From outside looking in we see a reflection of ourselves and imagine how much better it would be inside.

After the bubble pops the money disappears. All that is left hanging in the air is a smelly cloud of blame.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Lee,

    I agree, I find the valuations for these companies crazy … recently wrote about it in my blog – see http://mcgratha.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/social-media-company-valuations-%E2%80%93-am-i-missing-something/



  2. just read it – Excellent post Adrian

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