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Box Elevates Content Security with Shield

October 3, 2019

Disclaimer: This week I am attending BoxWorks. As and employee, this and subsequent posts will contain commentary on products I work with in the day job. As always, the opinions are my own and not those of the company. One of the strongest messages coming out of Boxworks this year is the undeniable focus on… Read More ›

Thinking about Generational Systems

Every week I meet with people struggling to decide what to do with aging platforms. We offhandedly refer to these as “legacy” which offends some vendors. They feel it is an epithet pointing out their age and frailty. I have more recently come to believe though this is a poor description because the term assumes… Read More ›

In Defense of Opinion

I’ll begin this piece by first thanking Marko for the eleven or so years we worked on this side project called Big Men On Content. He moved on to a great opportunity that does not afford him the autonomy that this kind of endeavor requires. That is not a bad thing. It is a recognition… Read More ›

In a Way, A Goodbye

Hard to think it’s been eleven years since Lee and I started this blog.  Putting two big southern guys in the same room with opposing views was bound to cause some noise.  Our daily debates during lunch about the how and whys of the (then) Enterprise Content Management space sparked interest in those that passed… Read More ›

Content Federation Is Not Federated Search

Content Federations is one of the cornerstones of a Content Services Platform (CSP).  Content federations have been growing for the last two years.  Federations go back to 2000, but the concept is still new to some.  I’ve seen some recent confusion about the difference between Content Federations and Federated Search.  I thought I might provide… Read More ›

The Value of Competitive Intelligence

One of the most underappreciated roles in software is that of competitive intelligence.  Too often organizations see this role as the first to be cut.  But having someone that knows where the other vendors in your space are heading can be valuable.  I can just imagine how vendors in the Content Services Platform, a.k.a. ECM,… Read More ›

Box is Leading Innovations in Content Services Platform

(Added some post publishing clarification and correction ***) Last week I attended Boxworks, my first Box conference.   I’ve been following Box for some time but really hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon.  So after having some conversations with the Box team at AIIM 2018, I decided I had to give Box a good look.  I shared… Read More ›

Box for Enterprise is Ideal for Midmarket Document Management

I’ve recently taken a hard look at Box for Enterprise.  The changes that I’ve seen develop over the last several years are very interesting and show why it has become a major player in the Content Services Platform market or what used to be called Enterprise Content Management (ECM).  But the big story that keeps… Read More ›

What to Make of DocuSign’s Acquisition of SpringCM

On July 31, DocuSign announced that it was acquiring SpringCM for $220 million.  I think a general “huh?” could be heard across the industry.  What exactly does this mean?  For the last few years I’ve been looking at the two markets, of ECM and CLM, and the confusion that exists between them. About DocuSign and… Read More ›

ECM is Missing out on Technology Partner Ecosystem

I got my start in software with a leading enterprise content management (ECM) software vendor and I learned the value of a solid partner network early on.  Over the last 20 years I have been in the ECM industry working for various types of organizations and continue to embrace the value of partners in the… Read More ›