Seven Secrets of Successful Numbered Lists

Everywhere I look someone is tweeting – “5 Things to this” or “10 Ways to that” – I am as guilty as the rest but some of you just are not doing it right so I offer these “Seven Secrets”

  1. Start With One – Only geeks will get it if you start with zero.
  2. Increment One At A Time – Skipping a number doesn’t make you an over achiever. It means you’re a dork.
  3. Don’t Use Roman Numerals – In case you haven’t noticed Latin is a dead language
  4. Go up not down – Countdowns should be left the NASA and David Letterman
  5. Have more than 3 things to say – Less than three is a pair not a list
  6. If you run out of points, stop – Lists are scored on quality not quantity.
  7. Don’t Repeat Yourself To Reach “Cool” Numbers – Seven is not cooler than six. (yes it is – don’t tell six)

Feel free to add your own but please use bullets and leave the numbering to the professionals.

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