Riding a Unicorn to ECM Xanadu

In case you missed it, we just hit the seven year itch with enterprise content management (ECM).  It is that time when the industry takes a look at itself and reevaluates the universe.  It usually starts with a brash statement that invokes a knee jerk reaction to change.  We listen to the promises of perfection. ... Continue Reading →

Searching for the cure to Zombie Paper

Being in the electronic document world, I over analyze everyday paper processes.  While some paper processes try to change, you just can’t seem to kill others.  Here’re some paper zombies that just won’t seem to die. Direct (Junk) Mailers The US Postal Service is constantly threatening us.  In February 2013, the U.S. Postal Service was... Continue Reading →

Changing Times in Contract Management

When I hear about a corporate counsel still using a spreadsheet, I point out ... With ContractWorks were often Apttus to ignore Advanced Software Concepts that can add Contract Logix and Digital Dimensions to our processes.  Instead we CobbleStone Systems together expecting to SpringCM magic.  Gatewit the program.  We’re at a ConvergePoint.  Are we going to Coupa... Continue Reading →

Pondering the Future of ECM

After I discovered yet another “two guys and a computer” pitching their “new” Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, I wondered ... Will there be a Fabsoft  ECM solution?  We are all looking for a Newgen solution full of Software Innovation.  We’ve used Laserfiche to scan one Box full of … M-files after another Dropbox full. ... Continue Reading →

Quantum Shopping

I just got in from Black Friday shopping. To be honest - what I really mean is I just back from Black Friday driving. That's my job. I am the wheel man. My wife is the shopper. Professionally she teaches kindergarten but unknown to most of the world she is in fact some kind of... Continue Reading →

Twas The Night Before Trial

Twas the night before trial and all through the office. Not a lawyer was stirring, not even the novice The papers were filed, all straight in their folders, The ones they had burned were down to a smolder Paralegals and analysts passed out in their cubes Their drawings and flipcharts all rolled up in tubes... Continue Reading →

If I Had Written “The Social Network”

I am very disappointed in Hollywood. With The Social Network they missed a chance to take 21st century mythology in a completely different direction. Apparently nerdy coders aren't interesting on screen so you have embellish them with Hamletesque character flaws. Still, if you are going to spit in Ken Burns eye with a docudrama - don't be a... Continue Reading →

Commoner’s Guide to the Cloud

Recently I'm sure you've noticed a lot of conversations about clouds around the water cooler.  They go a little something like this: "The cloud allows computers to share resources to run applications." "Oh, like mainframe computing?" "No, it takes advantage of several computers to run the application." "Oh, like network computing?" "No, it uses those... Continue Reading →

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