Only Crazy People Change Things

Early in my career I learned a very valuable lesson. If you really want to change anything it helps to be insane. The project sponsor for my first "real" IT project was an absolute nut. We'll call him Dave. Everybody knew it. Dave would speak out in meetings, tell people they were wrong to their... Continue Reading →

Our Mission

When people ask what we can do for their organization here’s what we tell them: Organizations are starting to see the light of Day on the problems that PaperThin processes OpenText authoring creates. Often companies author content that is Interwoven throughout the organization until only a Vignette remains with no Notes as to origin. First... Continue Reading →

They Can Have My Cheeseburger….

When they pry it from my cold,dead,greasy hands! A proposed Mississippi Law would outlaw serving fat people.  They call us obese, but I know what those skinny fascists are really thinking. We here at BMOC will not stand idly by while the gravity challenged are so abased and abused.  I think the only way to... Continue Reading →

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