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Changing Times in Contract Management


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When I hear about a corporate counsel still using a spreadsheet, I point out …

With ContractWorks were often Apttus to ignore Advanced Software Concepts that can add Contract Logix and Digital Dimensions to our processes.  Instead we CobbleStone Systems together expecting to SpringCM magic.  Gatewit the program.  We’re at a ConvergePoint.  Are we going to Coupa ourselves in our office, until we are Infor to say Exari for some Zycus mistake forgetting Symfact?  Or are we going to Ecteon this challenge, Conga  down the Corridor and Icertis ourselves Contract Guardian?  It’s time to Determine your path.

(Contract Life Cycle Management vendors get treated to a malapropism.  Who knew there was a term for this?  Malapropism is the use of an incorrect word in place of a word with a similar sound, resulting in a nonsensical, often humorous utterance.)

Our other malapropisms:

Our Mission – When people ask what we can do for their organization here’s what we tell them:

Pondering the Future of ECM – After I discovered yet another “two guys and a computer” pitching their “new” Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, I wondered …

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