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Changing Times in Contract Management

When I hear about a corporate counsel still using a spreadsheet, I point out … With ContractWorks were often Apttus to ignore Advanced Software Concepts that can add Contract Logix and Digital Dimensions to our processes.  Instead we CobbleStone Systems together expecting to SpringCM magic.  Gatewit the program.  We’re at a ConvergePoint.  Are we going to Coupa… Read More ›

Pondering the Future of ECM

After I discovered yet another “two guys and a computer” pitching their “new” Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, I wondered … Will there be a Fabsoft  ECM solution?  We are all looking for a Newgen solution full of Software Innovation.  We’ve used Laserfiche to scan one Box full of … M-files after another Dropbox full. … Read More ›

Our Mission

When people ask what we can do for their organization here’s what we tell them: Organizations are starting to see the light of Day on the problems that PaperThin processes OpenText authoring creates. Often companies author content that is Interwoven throughout the organization until only a Vignette remains with no Notes as to origin. First… Read More ›