The ECM Architect’s Creed

A very wise young man asked the question – “Why even bother with wiki’s in Documentum. Open source tools were there first and it’s just not worth the trouble. ” The implication also being that somehow backing into paying for something that is essentially free just doesn’t make sense. It’s at this point in the discussion we all pull out the dog-eared cards from our wallets and recite the ECM Architect’s Creed.

The ECM Architect’s Creed

-with apologies to the Apostles or anyone that takes things too seriously –

I believe in the Unified Repository

I believe in Documentum, the Repository’s manifestation on Earth

I believe in a common architecture, open API, standards and buzzword compliance

I believe in the unlimited scalability of the Repository and its prophet Ed Beuche

I believe in the infallibility of EMC Consulting

I believe users would like WebTop if only they were smarter

I believe in the coming of the second service pack

I believe in the superiority of Web Services, SOA and anything ending in 2.0

I believe they should have renamed Magellan to Messiah instead of CenterStage

(and some would add)

I renounce Bill Gates and all his works and all his ways

I said to the young man “Why do our own wiki in Documentum? – because we can young padawan. Because we can. For if it is content – where else would it go but into the loving content stores of the Universal Repository and Joe forbid we dodge paying maintenance.” – Selah

8 thoughts on “The ECM Architect’s Creed

  1. I believe in the resurrection of Howard, too. Only he may be aliased. The true believers wait expectantly for his return. What good is an ECM or EMC creed without Howard even mentioned?

  2. I’m very glad this brightened your day. (if only a little)

    Maybe we should start all of the developer conference sessions by reciting it.

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