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The ECM Architect’s Creed

A very wise young man asked the question – “Why even bother with wiki’s in Documentum. Open source tools were there first and it’s just not worth the trouble. ” The implication also being that somehow backing into paying for something that is essentially free just doesn’t make sense. It’s at this point in the… Read More ›

When information becomes knowledge

Coming back from vacation I ran across a pre-obituary for Knowledge Management penned by Chuck Hollis. The victim isn’t dead quite yet, but if it does pull through it will need to join the witness protection program under a new name. The name of the killer? Social Computing. Chuck goes to great lengths describing his… Read More ›

Will Participation in Web2.0 be Free?

I was talking to a friend today that got a notice in the mail about joining a class action lawsuit against AOL. Back in the 90’s my friend had become a “Community Leader” for AOL. In this role it was his job to monitor a discussion boards and offer technical support to other users. Now… Read More ›