The ECM Architect’s Creed

A very wise young man asked the question – “Why even bother with wiki’s in Documentum. Open source tools were there first and it’s just not worth the trouble. ” The implication also being that somehow backing into paying for something that is essentially free just doesn’t make sense. It’s at this point in the discussion we all pull out the dog-eared cards from our wallets and recite the ECM Architect’s Creed.

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When information becomes knowledge

Coming back from vacation I ran across a pre-obituary for Knowledge Management penned by Chuck Hollis. The victim isn’t dead quite yet, but if it does pull through it will need to join the witness protection program under a new name. The name of the killer? Social Computing. Chuck goes to great lengths describing his view of classical knowledge management. The problem with the discussion is that the idea that knowledge could be managed in the first place is flawed. Systems cannot manage knowledge – only information. Continue reading “When information becomes knowledge”

Will Participation in Web2.0 be Free?

I was talking to a friend today that got a notice in the mail about joining a class action lawsuit against AOL. Back in the 90’s my friend had become a “Community Leader” for AOL. In this role it was his job to monitor a discussion boards and offer technical support to other users. Now some of these volunteers are saying they should be paid just like employees.

As I’m listening to him, I suddenly feel myself inside a railway tunnel with a train headed my way. I realized that this little lawsuit could really change Web2.0.

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