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BOO! – SmartSpace is Back


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Just in time for Halloween … I looked at my RSS Reader and felt a chill run down my spine.

SmartSpace is BACK!!! EEK!

But wait – it’s not the clunky, late 90’s webclient from Documentum – its GoDaddy’s answer to building sites with Web 2.0ish stuff targeted to the technically challenged.

Give’s me an idea – this year for Halloween – maybe I’ll dress like something else scary from the 90’s like a General Protection Fault or a DotCom Bubble.

(I know – only old Documentum people get this – sorry. Wonder if there is an Accelera out there…)

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4 Responses

  1. How about Quickbuilder – an archaic reference for us dinosaurs 🙂

  2. I knew I could count on Johnny to get that – still waiting on something pithy from PIE –

    But I do miss Workspace. (QuickBuilder and all) Somebody PLEASE tell me why I have to have an app server to administer the docbase? Databases don’t make me do that – snappy, full featured, thick client admin tools from the vendor are a good thing.

    enough whining – back to work –

  3. Great post. Not sure what I’d dress up as here. As scary as your thoughts are Lee, I find the long-standing RPC 116 error extremely scary.

    Okay, scariest thing you have ever done in Documentum? Mine was making Workspace work with a Java servlet.

  4. how’s this for scary – “Signal 11” -if you get that, you’ve been doing this WAY too long

    Scariest thing I’ve ever done in Documentum … deployed it
    (just kiddiing)

    Scariest thing for real…. Wrote an XML parser in docbasic – but I didn’t inhale

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