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Advice for 2014 – Give and Take

I thought I would begin 2014 with a few thoughts on how to give and take advice. This picture is from my home town. The utter practicality of it says a lot about the place. We spend a great deal of energy, mental and otherwise trying to figure out how to create cultures of innovation…. Read More ›

Losing My Revisions

This is odd even for me, but its Friday night and the Twitter meme was #ecmband so I started writing lyrics.  (my sincere apololgies )  

Stopping By Starbucks on a Friday Morning

Stopping By Starbucks on a Friday Morning by Robert Froth What exit? yes I think I know. Across the bridge I have to go; The meetings not too far from here But first I must go find fresh joe The barista glares with haughty sneer Don’t you know the menu here? No mocha, chai or… Read More ›

BMOC Thought of The Day (2Long4Twitter)

Every press release and product website claims their company is  “A leading provider of … ” yada yada yada.  They can’t ALL be the leading provider. Just once I’d like to see some honesty.  Something like:  “We are a fly-by-night also-ran praying for someone to buy us out before payroll comes due” Or maybe a marketing a… Read More ›

Do You Have Ecmaphobia?

Ecmaphobia(ek – ma -foh’ – bee – yah)  noun.  Fear of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Symptoms : 1) Denial of the existence or importance of content in an application 2) Avoidance or unfounded criticism of others known to be proponents of ECM 3) Irrational belief that one can do everything ECM does cheaper, faster and or… Read More ›

BOO! – SmartSpace is Back

Just in time for Halloween … I looked at my RSS Reader and felt a chill run down my spine. SmartSpace is BACK!!! EEK! But wait – it’s not the clunky, late 90’s webclient from Documentum – its GoDaddy’s answer to building sites with Web 2.0ish stuff targeted to the technically challenged. Give’s me an… Read More ›

Crowd Humor and the Internet

If there was ever any doubt that we are funnier as as group than alone – read the user reviews of the $500.00 dedicated link cable on Amazon.  (do it quick before they catch on an pull it) I’m sure there is some techno-social commentary I could make about crowds and social computing but why… Read More ›

They Can Have My Cheeseburger….

When they pry it from my cold,dead,greasy hands! A proposed Mississippi Law would outlaw serving fat people.  They call us obese, but I know what those skinny fascists are really thinking. We here at BMOC will not stand idly by while the gravity challenged are so abased and abused.  I think the only way to… Read More ›