What I Got Out of AIIM 2016

I attended my first AIIM conference in over 13 years.  Rarely have I felt so energized to be in this industry.  I heard some interesting things, learned my favorite quote and came up with some interesting thoughts.  The best part of AIIM was that I added some great new people, and great minds, to my professional network.    Here’s the outline from which I will be working for the next few months.

Here’s what I heard at AIIM 2016:

  • Enterprises are in a state of disruption as technology, physical, and culture environment are evolving
  • New behaviors, technology, the millennial workforce, mobility and globalization are shaping the future of work today
  • Risk and Compliance still lead most ECM efforts
  • Content Analytics is still looking for a solution
  • “Content Analytics”, “Text Analytics” and “Content in BI” are the same
  • Beware to some “Content Analytics” mean “Zonal OCR”
  • Paper is still important and has a place

 “If you aren’t getting pushback, then you aren’t pioneering.”
Eric Qualman

Here’re the thoughts I developed from AIIM 2016:

  • Vendors say, “We’ve been talking about content analytics for 20 years.” I want to ask, “When will we start doing something with content analytics.”
  • Content-analytics is a technology looking for a reference. Do we have the imagination to find the question?
  • New technology is often lost to an acquisition. Many search, analytic, and other forward thinking technology vendors have been gobbled up and their solutions lost to the ECM landscape.  This has slowed the evolution.
  • ENOUGH with creating new words and new acronyms. If the answer to, “is it like (this)?” is “yes,”  then is not the new word or acronym but the word that everyone else already knows.

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