Shoes and ECM

Well Marko , if you are going to run a marathon – the most important thing you have to do (I’m told) is buy the right shoes. From some of the conversations I’ve heard, you can actually be killed if you attempt the wrong physical activity without proper footware (yes I know it’s misspelled – think about it) This makes a certain sense if you’re rock climbing or skiing but I am amazed at variety of “sport” shoes that are indistinguishable to the unathletic. Running, walking, hiking and the most disturbing of them all – cross training. What is that exactly?

Content management has the same explosion of specialization to confound and confuse. The categories and related technologies hiding in the acronyms and buzz words have never been more confusing. RM, IRM, WCM, KM, BPM, IBPM, ECM, Collaboration, Social Whatever. So what I see that you are suggesting is that people need a personal trainer to help them pick their tools and get their content “into shape.”

I don’t really disagree – but is this a luxury that the mass market can afford in the long run. Open source options open ECM up to a much more cost conscious market place. Does your position that this can’t be done without “Expert” advise mean that this technology will remain in the hands of the perpetually well funded?

I pose this question – In keeping with the silly metaphor – Is Bill Gates destined to become the Richard Simmons of Content Fitness and SharePoint the “Thigh-Master of Collaboration?”

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