Bubba’s Running the NYC Marathon

With Hurricane Noel making it’s way along the Florida coast, I realized that I might need to come up with alternate plans to going home for the weekend. Once I got to my hotel’s lobby I literally ran into an idea. Why not stay and run in the New York City Marathon. After helping clean up the application forms I knocked over I kept one for myself and signed up.Now for those of you that have not met me I am the true specimen of a man. I have been told that I am three times the man that Brad Pitt is (all rolled into one). I’m 100% vegetarian (as long as it’s fried and smothered in cheese), 100% meat and potatoes, and I haven’t eaten fast food in the ten hours (I’ve got to sleep). So of course people are astounded by the fact that I would would actually take time from my busy schedule to run the Marathon.

People ask me all sorts of question in astonishment to understand how I can run a marathon. Have I ever run a marathon before? Why, it’s no big deal I used to run in high school (even beat a line backer in the 50 yd dash). Have I been training? Everyday I put one foot in front of the other where ever I go? Do I know what I’m up for? Sure took a taxi along the route (took a while cause the cab driver was slow).

But my favorite question was “ARE YOU CRAZY?” My response to that was about as crazy as someone thinking they can build a successful content management system without any training or support. Content management is a different game no matter who’s game you play. The question is why is that people will train for years to do something as simple as putting one foot in front of the other but won’t even break open a book when playing with new technology.

If I were to fall down and get rushed to a hospital while running the race the news would report on an idiot collapsing in the race. But that doesn’t matter cause I’m going to win this one, just after I go grab a pizza and beer in Brooklyn.

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