ECM Vendors in Your Backyard

Looking at any traditional list of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendors one might think that the industry is rather small but you would be mistaken.  I recently decided to complete a research project I started on the ECM vendor landscape.  I’m not sure that I am actually done with the project, nor that it is truly possible to finish this project, but where I am is interesting.

So far I’ve identified over seventy-five ECM, Content Services, or Document Management system vendors around the globe.  I’ve also documented over 190 related technology vendors.  (I did not look for systems integrators.) This research has given me some interesting insight that I plan to share over the next few months.  I thought I might start first with the distribution of ECM vendors across the U.S.

ECMDistributionUS-600ECM Vendor Distribution

As expected I found major pockets of vendors around the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, Redmond, and across New England.  A bit of a surprise are vendor clusters around Atlanta, Cleveland, Colorado, and Salt Lake City.  The real surprise was finding a virtual staple solution for DocuWare, from a company based in Bozeman, Montana and a Records Management vendor, Zasio, based in Boise, Idaho.  There are over 160 ECM technology vendors spread across the U.S.  In fact, so far I have only sixteen states which is not a headquarters for an ECM company.  Odds are there’s a vendor near you.


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