Developer Edition – FINALLY

I am attending the Momentum Developer’s Conference in California this week. This is one of my favorite events as I get to connect with partners and developers and have really geeky conversations about all things Documentum.

The biggest and most welcome announcement to me so far is the return of the Developer’s Edition of Documentum. You can read Jeroen’s announcement here. I won’t repeat it all but this is such an improvement over past efforts that I can’t help but comment.

For long time Documentum geeks the really exciting part is that it that this edition will be running on PostgreSQL. Everyone I know that works with this product has been waiting for a version of content server that runs on an open source database. While not for production(yet), the advance lowers the barrier to entry for people that want to learn the product.

From a purely pragmatic point of view, this also solves annoying redistribution problems that come with trying to use other options database options.  The other notable difference between this and the previous incarnation of a developer edition is the fact that it will be packaged as a Linux virtual machine. Free of the shackles of a Windows distribution and faster than ever to get up and running.

Jeroen says production support of this would depend upon customer demand – you have your marching orders – go demand it!

I’ll post more as time permits or you can follow the twitter conversation here on Twitter.

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