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2013 – Random Tech Predictions

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In addition to the new year’s ECM trend post I decided to write  a separate list of random tech predictions for those with shorter attention spans. Some are serious. Some less so. You can decide which is which.

  • Google Glass has people expecting advances in wearable computing. Add electronic vision correction to VR and now it is something for people over 25.  With an aging geek population in the US I think this broadens the appeal by addressing an actual need. Take a look at Pixel Optics. Reading up on the company I get the sense it is overtly clinical(i.e. boring). To be viable in the market this company needs to be acquired by someone with a cooler vision (pun intended).
  • Someone please combine Google Glass with a wand so you can yell “Expelliarmus” at a guy on the street with the glasses and disable his device. VR graphics could be awesome. While your at it make “Avada Kadavra” delete their facebook account.
  • SAP will acquire a cloud-based content management player – They have already invested in several but this is a logical next step and addition to the Ariba and Successfactors buys last year.
  • Acquisitions in the Legal Matter Management space  are made to go after disenchanted IWOV customers.Targets like Mitratech (if Vista Equity is ready to cash out). Expect IBM to be an early buyer following their StoredIQ purchase.
  • Some legislature somewhere will suggest regulating Amazon Web Services and other platform cloud services as public utilities. (price controls, penalties for limiting access,etc.)
  • The US Post Office explores even more business models including offering expanded computing services to businesses. Revenue is a huge problem for the USPS and though they have added electronic data exchange, electronic verification,etc. they need to find new money. If you think about it expanding into content archival is very possible. They are already delivering electronic data, why not offer to retain it for downstream access.
  • HP begins selling off major assets of Autonomy to refocus on core business.

Time to put the crystal ball back in the closet until next year.

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