BMOC Turns Two

This month Big Men On Content celebrated its second birthday.  There are a great many things I could highlight but I’ll just point out a few.

I wrote an post in February of 2008 wondering if my opinion of Sharepoint would change if it were on Oracle. This has proven to be the most viewed article on the site by almost two to one. Every day (and I mean EVERY DAY) some combination of the search terms “oracle + sharepoint” appear in the logs despite the fact we are heavily bent toward EMC related technology. This says far more about the ECM landscape than most of us are willing to admit.

Working with Marko on this blog was a experiment that on a personal level has been very successful. In case you hadn’t noticed we have opinions on just about everything. Consequently we have had many differences of opinion both in and out of the blogosphere but that’s exactly why we started this. There is one critical point that we agree on. Simply put content management is important.  It is important to every business whether they realize it or not and we want to help those businesses be more successful with it.

We believe in honest opinions and don’t participate in marketing unless we really believe it. Hype and flag waving are everywhere but whatever messages you get here are our own take on things. This is sometimes a challenge considering where we work but I can honestly say that our employer encourages blogging and I have never felt pressured to go against this principle.

Thank you for reading and contributing to the discussions. It has been great fun but the most rewarding part is meeting other ECM afficianados from around the globe both virtually and IRL.  We are looking forward to keeping this up for the foreseeable future and we welcome your suggestions so long as they are anatomically possible.

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