Clearing Space for eRoom’s Replacement

In my copious free time I have been thinking about where people should go with their own eRooms and I refuse on religious grounds to advocate replacing it with SharePoint. eRoom has been a dandy tool for a long time but all good things must come to and end. Like many of you – I’m not necessarily going to follow the path laid out for me by EMC. If you’re going to force me to change then I’m shopping around.

Seems one of my current favorites is closer to home than I thought. If you are a member of the EMC Developer Network, no doubt you have been pleased and impressed with the new platform. Under the covers it is powered (at least in part) by Jive Software, who recently announced a new release of their flagship Clearspace. Marko had some insight into this relationship from EMC World in this post.

I’m sure there are more developments to come but in the interim, the inclusion of Jive in the EDN makes the product worth further exploration.

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