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If Healthcare Were Software

The Supreme Court hearings on the Patient Protection and Affordability Act (Obamacare)  last week fascinated me. It is one of the few news stories in recent memory that requires you to think rather than just react. In following the topic, I have tied to compare and look for patterns in other areas of my life… Read More ›

Chief Why Officer

When I was a teenager I visited my father’s office once and learned the most important business lesson of my life. He had retired from the army and was working for the city as an operations supervisor. When you sat in the chair across from him you could see  taped to the wall behind him… Read More ›

On Leadership and Denial

I had an interesting coversation last night and the topic of leadership came up. Several years ago I was trying to improve my own performance and dived into the plethora of leadership literature out there. John Maxwell, Jack Welch and others have written many great things on the topic but recent chats among friends have… Read More ›

Listen to Your Own Plumbers

Ron Miller’s piece on Changing the IT Plumber’s Image yesterday was excellent. Most businesses do not see the business value their own IT organizations can and SHOULD be providing. Instead of being seen as the experts who can expand the business through new technology, IT is just somebody you call when your virtual toilet backs… Read More ›

When Was Your Last Technology “Refresher”

An assumption that one can make from our blog title is that I’m a big guy.  And one big assumption I made is that I learned everything we need to about exercise when I got out of high school.  No I’m not talking about how the latest elliptical machine works but the most basics of human exercise, running.  As… Read More ›

Straight Talk in User Groups

It’s that time of year again and everyone is deciding which conferences to attend. I enjoy speaking at user groups propably more than any other venue. I always make a point afterward to read the feedback to see if there is anything to improve upon. About a year ago I was priviledged to speak at all of the… Read More ›

Sharing Super Powers

A bright light was finally illuminated on some odd questions and conversations I had been hearing lately.  These questions were about how administrators and super users could have super privileges and not have the ability to do everything at the same time.  Sort of like giving Lois Lane kryptonite to make sure that she can… Read More ›

Calling out the ECM Posers

I am officially sick and tired of posers.  Posers think that just because they saw someone implement an ECM system once or, scarier still, have seen a demo that they too are now experts.  There are to many trained resources out there to work with posers. Hopefully it will never happen to you, but let’s say you… Read More ›

EMC Embraces CEVA Strategy with CSC FirstDoc

A huge announcement was made today by EMC and CSC (Computer Sciences Corp) around the controlled and regulatory document space.  EMC is focusing on platform functionality for controlled documents while CSC will provide “the last mile” functionality to the end user.  This is a big shift for EMC who often competed with CSC FirstDoc (formerly… Read More ›

Consultant or Contractor?

I read a great post by Pie on “A Career or A Job … Redux”.  In it he talks about how roles as both a contractor and a consultant are a career.  He makes some great points at an individual level, but I’d like to point out that just because you work for a “consulting… Read More ›