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Calling out the ECM Posers

I am officially sick and tired of posers.  Posers think that just because they saw someone implement an ECM system once or, scarier still, have seen a demo that they too are now experts.  There are to many trained resources out there to work with posers. Hopefully it will never happen to you, but let’s say you… Read More ›

EMC Embraces CEVA Strategy with CSC FirstDoc

A huge announcement was made today by EMC and CSC (Computer Sciences Corp) around the controlled and regulatory document space.  EMC is focusing on platform functionality for controlled documents while CSC will provide “the last mile” functionality to the end user.  This is a big shift for EMC who often competed with CSC FirstDoc (formerly… Read More ›

Consultant or Contractor?

I read a great post by Pie on “A Career or A Job … Redux”.  In it he talks about how roles as both a contractor and a consultant are a career.  He makes some great points at an individual level, but I’d like to point out that just because you work for a “consulting… Read More ›

You might be a contractor if …

So how do you know if your role is that of a consultant or a contractor?  Well here are some of the signs.  If the last time you saw your boss in person was over your welcome cup of coffee, you might be a contractor. If you bought your welcome cup of coffee, you are a contractor.

Records Management Drawn and Quartered

Records management is in constant flux. Litigation, like the ownership of email, and new technologies, like PSS Systems, continue to mold the way records are understood. Sarbanes Oxley did look to normalize a lot of what a company is required to keep but even this changes as litigation looks to rewrite the rules. No matter… Read More ›

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

This week’s announcement from Microsoft that they will be giving away developer software free to students and the BLOG posts on the topic, left me with two very different opinions I wanted to share.   

Documentum and Unnatural Acts

Johnny Gee’s recent post on a Migration Dilema describes a client’s reluctance to create a taxonomy when migrating content into Documentum. The argument from the client being, “if the old system didn’t need it, why does Documentum?” I’ve heard this more than once myself and this kind of question is usually followed by a complaint… Read More ›

“Dear Documentum – Fix the Problem. A. Friend”

I was reading Johnny Gee’s BLOG and his article “Why can’t search be more like Google?” and I flashed back to a day in 1998 when several of us were invited to the Demo Room of Building 1 at Documentum. There the ten of us were introduced to Project Alchemy, which would later become the… Read More ›

Shoes and ECM

Well Marko , if you are going to run a marathon – the most important thing you have to do (I’m told) is buy the right shoes. From some of the conversations I’ve heard, you can actually be killed if you attempt the wrong physical activity without proper footware (yes I know it’s misspelled –… Read More ›