10 Most Popular Articles of 2016

This year BMOC took on a new format highlighting many of the different categories we follow, so I thought it would be interesting to recap the 10 Most Popular Articles of 2016.

As expected the pending acquisition of EMC’s ECD assets which include Documentum were most popular this year.  Six out of ten articles address this topic.  There were two other corporate news articles in the top ten.  One looked at a potential merger of Lexmark and Hyland, which never came to fruition.

Outside our investment stories, Lee’s look at Rogue One and data management ranked high and with only 2 weeks of the year.  I’ve seen other similar articles already elsewhere.

I’m happy to see that my look at back office solutions, specifically Contract Management, made the list.

Here’s our list:

  1. Contract Management is a Convoluted Landscape (3/29/16) Marko
  2. Thoughts on Momentum Barcelona 2016 (11/3/16) Lee
  3. Are Documentum’s Days Numbered? (2/8/16) Marko
  4. A Busy Year for ECM Investments (9/12/16) Marko
  5. Who Will Lead ECM? (9/29/16) Marko
  6. OpenText Acquired Another Legacy ECM Platform (9/12/16) Marko
  7. Rogue One and Data Management – A Galactic Problem (12/19/16) Lee
  8. Strange Days (9/14/16) Lee
  9. Why OpenText will not Lead ECM (9/27/16) Marko
  10. Hyland OnBase with Lexmark Perceptive Software? Say What? (2/22/16) Marko

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