Thanks For DevCon2012

I wanted to say a quick thank you to all of the partners and EMC folk that joined us for DevCon in McLean last week. The speakers (@jvanrotterdam, @danciruli, @mmohen, David Humby ) were all superb, discussions were intense and there is just no substitute for getting together, putting a face to the voices on the other end of the line and sharing ideas together.

A couple of great summaries have already been posted so check them out.

It has been too long since we have been able to come together and meet as a community like this. EMC World is a great event but it is huge and for IIG at least tends to be more user focused. That is not to say that conversations like we had last week don’t happen but they are rarely as concentrated or candid. Internally I can tell there is a lot of excitement about all that we learned from you as well.

Conversations are starting already about doing another one, possibly in the fall and on the west coast. Nothing definite yet but if you like the idea let us know.

Again, it was great meeting so many of you IRL and hope to see you again at EMC World.


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