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Endeca Strengthens Position with SAP and Informatica


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This week, privately held search application company Endeca announced they were taking the next step in their relationship with SAP by integrating their dashboard technology with SAP Business Objects. This will further promote use of their data visualtion technology within the Business Intelligence space. In February, 2008 the VC arm of SAP invested $15 m USD into Endeca and I wonder if this is one of the results. Endeca also announced an OEM arrangement with Infomatica to include that company’s data exchange technology in the Endeca offering.  Clearly Endeca is making headway against similar search competitors like Autonomy who more recently have bought their way into the CM space by acquiring Interwoven. With strong aliances in the both the content and structured data integration and BI world Endeca is a company to watch for acquisition or further expansion into various areas of the content management market.

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