Open Text Latest Cool but Questionable

Open Text bought yet another tangential vendor, Vizible.  Granted – its cool to look at.  For a company so grounded in stuffed shirt ECM I gotta ask – who is going to spend money on this right now.  Kas Thomas   thinks its a potential refresh to their Artesia DAM.

Maybe it was cheap but I wonder who they think is going to use it?  OT has never really been known for startling innovation.  The last conference of their’s I attended (which granted was several years ago) was remarkably stuffy.  Maybe they’ve loosened up but I doubt it.  Back then I couldn’t even find anybody manning the tiny spot given to the then newly acquired Artesia which I thought was a really nice product and a sensible acquisition at the time. 

 I suppose you could slap Vizible on their DAM offering and make it more interesting but will it really move the needle on sales?  I will say that one consumption model that  this has a play in is kiosk content management – an oft ignored subcategory populated by niche vendors  (NetKey,  and custom integrations.  Seems these flashy UI’s do a lot more to draw attention in consumer scenarios than improve productivity in a cubicle.

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