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Post-It Notes (2009-02-12)


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  • watched @ticktickboom with a bunch of GenZ's last night and none of them knew who Stephen Sondheim was.this made me sad 2 weeks ago


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An interesting staffing conversation occurring at BrilliantLeap around the level of resources needed for ECM solutions deployment.  Which is a nice lead up for a post I’m planning for next week.

I also wanted to commend Alan Pelz-Sharpe of CMS Watch on his choice of reading materials, mentioned in a recent interview on OpenSource ECM.  There’s also a good conversations on trends in the market.

2 Responses

  1. Marko, while I agree that Alan should be commended for recommending some excellent reads, he is part of CMS Watch.


  2. OOPS! Thanks for the catch.

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