Vignette ICE cold to Self-Syndication

By now some of you have discovered the mission of the BigMenOnContent. To support our mission, I thought it was time to build a consolidated view of the news in the ECM landscape. In the process of adding RSS feeds to all of the top ECM vendors, I discovered something. Vignette offers RSS feeds as a product feature, has no RSS feed on their site.  

Vignette created the standard for syndicating content using the ICE (Information Content and Exchange) protocol back in 1998. Yet for some reason they are ignoring  syndication of their content.  How can a company proclaim “Content Management for Next Generation Web Initiatives” and not take advantage of Next Generation Web?  It’s the old story of the cobbler’s children. Let’s see some great new ideas and showcase them like the old Vignette.

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