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EMC announced the acquisition of the NJ based BusinessEdge, calling it a New Information Management Consulting Practice. What I would like to know is, was there something wrong with their old one? Apparently so. Since the acquisition of Documentum, EMC has continued to shuffle the structure of it’s various consulting offerings and those of us in partner community have experienced both good and ill effects of the turmoil. Is this just another case of EMC competing with itself or is this an admission that running this kind of business is not their strong suit and this acquisition is their attempt to fix the problem.

Potential implications for the partner community could be dramatic. EMC has always favored their own consulting but willingly extended it through parter relationships. Will they now take an exclusive approach similar to OpenText? Given the track record, it will be months if not years before any real change is executed but if your a Documentum only partner, you might consider buying a SharePoint book and put your house on the market.

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