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Social Content is on the Record as being Record Content

Organizations have been quick to adopt social channels as a new communication mechanism.  But the records aspect of these channels is often ignored.  Control over instant messaging (AOL Instant Messenger) was ignored by trading companies fourteen years ago until word got out.  But oddly, the problem is still happening today.  As new social channels are… Read More ›

The Fear of Being Understood

Twitter lost one of its most popular citizens last week as Alec Baldwin deleted his account after yet another 140 character rampage. I do not care at all about a social media tennis match between a reporter and an actor. It is an example though of a scenario that I hope will not lead to… Read More ›

Venture Investments in Content Analytics

To me Content Analytics has always been an intriguing field. When I saw what data mining could do with reporting on metadata stored within their vast databases, I was impressed. Being a believer of the 80% unstructured to 20% structured data in an enterprise, I saw the real power to be if someone could look… Read More ›

Logan’s Run and Social Media

This morning I see this wonderful video ECM-Its Similar to Logans Run from @ljseverson. Believe it or not I had this post in draft so I am pushing it out  before it is ready because I now know for sure “they are coming for me.”

Facebook Wants My eSoul

Like many adopters of social media my age, I have three very different approaches to using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

WikiLeaks – Old School Diplomacy Meets Social Media

  There are things I believe I shall never say; but I shall never say those things I do not believe Immanuel Kant   Setting aside legal issues, the recent WikiLeaks release of sensitive State Department communiques has serious implications to those driving adoption of social media in government. The same ecosystem embraced to help… Read More ›