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SAP to Sell EMC-Documentum, Finally!

This week was EMC’s 1st Sales Kickoff for CM&A in five years. It was a great week with some interesting news. While one bit of news got a lion’s share of the attention it was our announcement with SAP that really grabbed mine. SAP has been around since the 70’s and with all that history you… Read More ›

2010 Content Management Assumptions from Marko Sillanpaa

As the year comes to an end it’s time to look at the future.  While many are looking to major predictions for next year, I thought I’d focus on the most obvious ones.  These are the top five ECM assumptions that loom ahead in are day-to-day work lives 2010

2010 Content Management Predictions from Lee Dallas

My dream job is being a pundit on a cable news network. Dress nice, spout opinions all day and no accountability. (not unlike an executive  consultant)  As it is though I have to work for a living and the closest I can get to that is making predictions about the content management market place for… Read More ›

Rumors of Autonomy and Microsoft. Say What?

A friend sent me a link to a Reuters article speculating the acquisition of Autonomy by Microsoft.    At first glance one says, “Not so fast, what about FAST!”  But hey, “not so fast?” Autonomy is an interesting combination of survivors of the internet boom.  Not following the Computer Associates model like Open Text appears to be… Read More ›

Are You Surprised By OpenText?

There is a great post on CMSWire that summarizes Open Text’s (OTEX) approach to integrating RedDot and Vignette. I especially liked Jon Marks descriptions of the various paths they may take. We weighed in on this topic after the acquisition but as I read over the recent announcements  I see OT’s  integration strategy is simple – do… Read More ›

SDL Buys Xyvision

On Xyvision’s website today we learned that they have been acquired by SDL. (thanks to @billtrippe for the tweet)  I first ran across SDL while I was working on a globalization project several years ago.   At the time SDL seemed very much focused on the services rather than the software end of things.  Most of their revenue comes from the… Read More ›

Who Is Left to be Next

Last week’s Open Text and Vignette news gave us all a great deal to think about but now that this long awaited shoe has finally dropped we are left to wonder – who is left? Vignette had been on the ropes for so long it was only a matter of time but are any of the… Read More ›

Open Text the New CA

In the high-tech arena, many companies names really stand out.  Not only for their products but also their business style.  Most have connotations of both positive and some negative.  But one stands out on it’s own, Computer Associates, or CA as it is more commonly known. Strangely enough I have never meet an employee of… Read More ›

Open Text Sucks up Vignette

I seriously think they need to change the name to Hoover. Open Text sucks up another WCMS vendor in embattled Vignette.  I had blogged about this all the way back in August of last year.  Marko more recently pondered it’s fate and if nothing else at least the speculation is over.  I suppose the bargain is too good to… Read More ›

SAP and Open Text – A Common Law Marriage

It’s hard to find a really good metaphor for the relationship between SAP and Open Text(OTEX). Open Text announced at their user conference that SAP will be remarketing OT’s Vendor Invoice Management as well as a recently acquired Captaris capture solution under the SAP name. Lately, much of OT’s growth has seemed to come from… Read More ›