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Venture Investments in Content Analytics

To me Content Analytics has always been an intriguing field. When I saw what data mining could do with reporting on metadata stored within their vast databases, I was impressed. Being a believer of the 80% unstructured to 20% structured data in an enterprise, I saw the real power to be if someone could look… Read More ›

It Is More Than Metadata – The Meaning Behind The Mining

I am asked on a regular basis, “what do you do for a living” and I resorted long ago to just saying I work with computers. Most are just being polite and they really do not want to know any more than that. Every once in a while though my real job will pop up… Read More ›

Relationships in xCP2 – Part 1

I have had a great opportunity to spend time with the new xCPDesigner, the product that brings together in one UI all of the design tasks required to create an xCP2 application. Over the next several weeks I plan on walking you through what I see as the most significant features – in other words… Read More ›