Will ECM vendors catch up to Back Office Content Solutions?

Back in March I was already telling the ECM industry that they were not alone.  I was researching a trend where I thought vendors were emerging that offered out-of-the-box back office content solutions that were being sold directly to business users.  I expected to find a few examples in each content-rich core business areas.  What I found in quick searches were half a dozen vendors.  In deeper dives of specific solutions I found dozens of vendors. Continue reading “Will ECM vendors catch up to Back Office Content Solutions?”

Paper Still Rules Content in the Back Office

CIO Magazine pointed out that paper still rules the enterprise.  It added some validity to what I had been seeing in the last few years.  Having started with Documentum, we showcased solving “BIG” problems.  Reducing time to market for new drugs and managing complex aircraft manuals.  Back then, I rarely talked with the back office: corporate accounting, human resources, or legal.  (I like to call them “The Big Three”.)  Back then I thought that they were already using Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology.   I’ve come to realize that ECM vendors have often been missing the back office.  So the back office has started going it alone.

Maybe it’s the fact that we don’t speak the back office language.  I mean even the word “content” alone is foreign to what the back office worker does.  ECM platforms come off sounding like, sure we can build you what you need.  But business users are looking for solutions that get them started today.  ECM vendors it’s time you learned to speak the business user’s language. Continue reading “Paper Still Rules Content in the Back Office”

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