Manage At Home

In addition to everyone trying their best to work from home, some people managers are dealing with an entirely new dynamic for the first time. Managing at home. There has been a swing from embracing to refusing to implement virtual workforces over the years but now hard nosed opponents have no other choice. These are... Continue Reading →

Why Upgrade?

You may have heard the phrase "May you live in interesting times." Well, the times are interesting but I am not so sure this is such a good thing. With all of the layoffs, bankruptcies, restructuring and consolidations businesses are reeling. IT departments are being inundated with new priorities every day. The one thing they... Continue Reading →

Documentum and Unnatural Acts

Johnny Gee's recent post on a Migration Dilema describes a client's reluctance to create a taxonomy when migrating content into Documentum. The argument from the client being, "if the old system didn't need it, why does Documentum?" I've heard this more than once myself and this kind of question is usually followed by a complaint... Continue Reading →

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