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Why did it take a lockdown to make you use Microsoft Teams

Disclaimer: A friendly reminder that the following is my opinion and not that of my employer. In the midst of my recent binge watching I have been subjected to an exceedingly annoying marketing campaign droning on about the wonderfulness of Microsoft Teams during the pandemic. After 1500 viewings, of which a disturbing number were while… Read More ›

What could stop SharePoint

Considering the recent track record, it’s hard to imagine what could stand in the way of SharePoint gaining CMS market dominance over the next few years. Until you consider this announcement.  One reason SharePoint is gaining acceptance is because of its close ties to the authoring tools. Everyone generally agrees it is less than it could… Read More ›

Will Participation in Web2.0 be Free?

I was talking to a friend today that got a notice in the mail about joining a class action lawsuit against AOL. Back in the 90’s my friend had become a “Community Leader” for AOL. In this role it was his job to monitor a discussion boards and offer technical support to other users. Now… Read More ›

Is Documentum really talking Web2.0 or is it just Jive?

I was one of about 30 people to be fortunate enough to attend one of the more interesting sessions at EMC World for Documentum.  Interesting in that it was all about implementing Web 2.0 solutions on top of the platform.  Fortunate enough in that, for some reason, the session was scheduled for the last session… Read More ›

Sharepoint’s Real Competition – Exchange

I am in my early forties and I am frightening close the 300 lbs – I’m not prone to giggle. When I read Shawn Shell’s post on CMSWatch about an internal debate at Microsoft about Shared Folders vs. Sharepoint I giggled like a school girl. An imagined exchange played out in my head peppered with… Read More ›

eRoom Users Call to Action

I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t admit that Sharepoint will control most of the collaboration market space but there is need and profit in the rest of that pie chart. IBM is not backing away from collaboration but EMC’s lack of vocal support of eRoom, pandering to backend integration and promises for the delayed Rich Internet Client suggest that eRoom… Read More ›

Mission Critical Collaboration – SharePoint or GoogleSites?

Some of the most prominent players in the CMS market (OpenText, EMC/Documentum,et.al.) seem to have all but surrendered collaboration to SharePoint. Microsoft’s market position with collaboration content creation tools (Office) gives them a natural advantage which they have capitalized on in every way. Even extending their message well beyond “free range” collaboration.Now entering the fray… Read More ›