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The Real Story Group release 2013 Content Technology Vendor (Subway) Maps

Gartner recently released their Digital Media Transit Map reminded me that I’d seen something this before for ECM.  So I looked and found that Real Story Group (formerly CMS Wire) had also recently released their 2013 Content Technology Vendor Map.  The Content Technology Vendor is an interesting graphical way to see all of the vendors within the… Read More ›

8 Dimensions for CMS Technical Evaluation

There are many places you can go to find information on the racking and stacking of CMS systems. Everyone has their preference and there is no shortage of experts who will evaluate your situation and conclude their favorite is the best for the job.  Over the years I have developed a serious disdain for a common… Read More ›

What could stop SharePoint

Considering the recent track record, it’s hard to imagine what could stand in the way of SharePoint gaining CMS market dominance over the next few years. Until you consider this announcement.  One reason SharePoint is gaining acceptance is because of its close ties to the authoring tools. Everyone generally agrees it is less than it could… Read More ›

Open Text ingests Captaris

Well it looks like Open Text has finally stepped into the scanning arena, bringing it to parity with other vendors.  Scanning has been a long missing piece in the Open Text suite but the acquisition of Captaris for $131M will fill that bubble for them.  That’s half of what EMC paid for Captiva.  But as Alan… Read More ›

Mission Critical Collaboration – SharePoint or GoogleSites?

Some of the most prominent players in the CMS market (OpenText, EMC/Documentum,et.al.) seem to have all but surrendered collaboration to SharePoint. Microsoft’s market position with collaboration content creation tools (Office) gives them a natural advantage which they have capitalized on in every way. Even extending their message well beyond “free range” collaboration.Now entering the fray… Read More ›