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2012 – Predictions Scorecard & Year in Review December 23, 2012

Posted by Lee Dallas in Acquisitions, Content Management, Documentum, Dropbox, ECM, EMC, Open Text.
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Since we have averted the Mayan apocalypse I am collecting my 2013 predictions for the ECM market, Before that a few words about my scorecard for last year’s predictions. On average I have had better years. Still there was one or two predictions I can feel good about from last year’s post.


Save, Sync, Share or Serve – Which Do You Really Need March 15, 2012

Posted by Lee Dallas in Content Management.
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The number of content management offerings in the cloud continues to expand and even for a “seasoned” ECM professional the ambiguous marketing and feature overlap can be confusing. I have been experimenting lately with several of them and have come to realize that while all of these applications at the most abstract level do exactly the same thing, make your content accessible from somewhere other than the device in front of you, they are not created equal,for the same people, or most importantly the same problem. (more…)

What the Cloud Means to Real People November 8, 2011

Posted by Lee Dallas in cloud, Content Management.
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I hate Microsoft’s “To The Cloud” ad campaign. Mainly because it is stupid but also because my kids now run around yelling it just to annoy me. I equally dislike just about every other attempt to explain to real people what cloud computing means. (more…)

EMC Embraces Employee Managed Content with Box May 16, 2011

Posted by Lee Dallas in box.net, cloud, Collaboration, Content Management, Documentum, Social Media, Technology.
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The world of collaboration is changing and EMC is making dramatic moves to address the portfolio’s relevance in the market. All of the legacy ECM vendors are struggling to maintain or redefine themselves in this space. There is no debating the fact that SharePoint was a tremendously disruptive product in the collaboration market and redefinition is essential to survival.

SharePoint however should no longer be thought of as the contender or disruptor. It has become the standard. The victory though may be short-lived.  SharePoint is now the technology that must be disrupted to move the market forward and EMC with partners Cisco and Box is challenging the status quo. (more…)

Is Box.net Collaborative Enough? February 25, 2011

Posted by Lee Dallas in Content Management.
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Box.net has announced a new round of funding that brought in close to $50mil USD. Watching some of the comments on twitter it was clear that some don’t think they have a feature set that rises to the level of true collaboration. It reminds me of another argument not so long ago when industry experts argued that SharePoint wasn’t really ECM. The accepted position today seems to be that SharePoint is “enough ECM” for most. I believe what the team over at Box.net have tapped into is the same thing in collaboration. At the end of the day – it matters much more what paying customers think about the completeness of a feature set than the arbitrary boundaries of analysts and competitors.

As we learned from SharePoint the first rule in overtaking a market is solve the most pervasive problem first – rudimentary file sharing – and they have done a fine job with that. With this investment they plan to drive hard into the mobile space without the baggage of legacy licensing models, backward compatibility, upgrades or analysts expectations. Sure taking on SharePoint in the enterprise is audacious – but even with the VC’s to answer to they are in a much better position to take risks than the larger, older and far less nimble old world players.

Motorola Acquires Cloud Store and Stream Vendor Zecter December 22, 2010

Posted by Lee Dallas in Content Management.
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Motorola announce that their mobility division is acquiring Zecter – a cloud based provider of personal content storage and streaming.   If you had asked me five years ago if EMC would ever have a presence in my personal tech inventory I would have said no. The Iomega and Mozy acquisitions though made EMC a permanent part of my private infrastructure. The Intel/McAfee deal was a notable example of heretofore unlikely unions driven by the always online everywhere world we now live in. With 2011 poised to be the year that corporate mobile technology goes mainstream will we start to see an overt convergence of traditional enterprise technology providers (storage,servers, s/w) merge with new world mobile infrastructure. It could make for some interesting combinations.

Evaluating My 2010 ECM Predictions December 13, 2010

Posted by Lee Dallas in Content Management.
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Last year I made six predictions for the 2010 content management market. Unlike Jean Dixon though I am actually going to review my work.  The thing about making predictions like this is there is no real accountability – That is what makes punditry so appealing. Nevertheless I am going to attempt an objective review anyway. 


Hey You Get On To My Cloud July 20, 2009

Posted by Marko Sillanpää in Content Management.
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It seems every week someone else is building a cloud and looking for vendors to become the ___ of choice in that cloud.  But I don’t get it.  What’s the big deal, it’s just a remix of the same old song.  In fact, I believe that it goes further back than you think. 


Clouds Raining On ECM’s Barrier To Entry February 10, 2009

Posted by Lee Dallas in Content Management, ECM.
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I’ve been running a little behind on posting but I wanted to make sure this one made it out.  Adobe has announced that LiveCycle Developer Express is available on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. (should that be in or on – a topic for another post)   This is an interesting step forward in our industry.    (more…)


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