Witnessing the Birth of a CEVA Ecosystem

Those of you that have read my articles before know I’m big on CEVA’s.  I think Content Enabled Vertical Applications (or if you now prefer Composite Content Applications) are the future for enterprise content management.  I believe that ECM would gain stronger visibility and penetration in the enterprise by allowing and supporting the development of... Continue Reading →

100th Post Milestone

i just got back from the NE user group meeting in Boston yesterday. Many thanks to the host, Liberty Mutual, and the other sponsors. Looking at the numbers, I see that this is the 100th post on BMOC. These types of milestones don't matter in the grand scheme of things but if I may be... Continue Reading →

Ah Microsoft, you were listening

Boy was Open Text getting desperate.  In the beginning it was kind of cute.  Press release after press release about how they were working with Microsoft SharePoint yet not one included an endorsement from Microsoft.  But now finally a quote from Microsoft on a press release with Denver based SeeUnity. For the past year Open Text... Continue Reading →

Microsoft’s Revisionist History

Well Microsoft today announced that it will start shipping a product, Hyper-V, to compete with VMWare. Hey Bill what ever happened to Virtual PC? You got to give Microsoft some respect for realizing that they can put out just about any marketing message and we’ll believe it. For instance very few people actually realize that... Continue Reading →

Mission Critical Collaboration – SharePoint or GoogleSites?

Some of the most prominent players in the CMS market (OpenText, EMC/Documentum,et.al.) seem to have all but surrendered collaboration to SharePoint. Microsoft's market position with collaboration content creation tools (Office) gives them a natural advantage which they have capitalized on in every way. Even extending their message well beyond "free range" collaboration.Now entering the fray... Continue Reading →

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