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Lost Knowledge Found – Content Integration

December 14, 2016

Finding documents is one of the biggest challenges for most organizations.  This is supposed to become easier after implementing an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, but when an organization has multiple platforms it becomes exponentially harder.  The documents are under control but they have different ways they’re organized, they have different keywords, and are locked… Read More ›

ECM vendors should look to Oracle as a guide

It’s nice to get back into a good conversation over the direction of Enterprise Content Management (ECM).  This time around it’s platform verses solution.  I brought up that ECM Is Not a Solution, It’s A Platform a few weeks back and last week Pie also stated that Content Management is a Platform.   While we share… Read More ›

For ECM Solutions it’s Configuration versus Customization

For years I’ve been in discussions where the conversation bounced between “build” versus “buy: decisions for a ECM (Enterprise Content Management).  Before 2000, managing any large collection of documents, either to a specific business case or all documents, meant building your own document management system or buying an existing document management system.  Over the years,… Read More ›

ECM is Not A Solution, It’s a Platform

I think it is time that ECM platform vendors face facts; Enterprise Content Management is not “A” solution.  I’m not saying that you can’t build a solution on an ECM.  In fact, document based solutions should be built on ECM platforms.  But there’s more to most solutions than just the document. When ECM software first… Read More ›

Two Guys and A Computer

Oddly I can’t go a month without someone asking me about an ECM competitor that I’ve never ever heard of before. I know I won’t ever know them all but it just surprises me how many vendors are out there. It’s like when you put two guys together with a truck and they think they’re a… Read More ›

CMIS – Be Careful What You Ask For

I just read Chuck Hollis’ appraisal of the impact of the Content Management Interoperability Services. I followed a couple of links and there is so much commentary you would think Ron Paul just selected CMIS as his running mate. Despite Chuck’s nifty acronym (that I will now use often) It strikes me that I’ve heard… Read More ›

Considering a CEVA Strategy?

There have been several articles written about CEVAs but they all seem to have been written for the customer not the vendor.  I think it’s too early to talk about how a customer should choose a CEVA when there’s only one CEVA to choose from.  What we really need is for vendors and VARS to look at a… Read More ›

See the Value in CEVAs

Two years ago Gartner coined a new acronym CEVA, Content Enabled Vertical Applications, and it created some buzz in the enterprise content management space. Now I get a little lost here and have to think about what a Vertical means in software terms. Imagitek, a proclaimed CEVA, offers case management with specializations in contracts and… Read More ›