Who owns corporate messaging?

I’ve always felt that legal precedence is the biggest driver for records management and archival policy, so it surprise me that I missed the CMS Watch article last week that changed the ownership of information in your corporate email account.  The Circuit Courts of Appeals decision states that message between individuals on servers outside the company are private communications of the individual.  This means that hosted email services, instant messaging services (like Yahoo, Google, and MSN) and text messages are protected. 

And as Alan Pelz-Sharpe points out this will affect the archiving market.  I also believe that this will open new opportunities for in-house instant messenger products, like Lotus Sametime, and slowdown hosted emails services as companies look to gain control over the messaging being done inside their organization.  Remember there is still legal precedence that a company is responsible for messages between employees.  Another legal case worth watching.

Mission Critical Collaboration – SharePoint or GoogleSites?

Some of the most prominent players in the CMS market (OpenText, EMC/Documentum,et.al.) seem to have all but surrendered collaboration to SharePoint. Microsoft’s market position with collaboration content creation tools (Office) gives them a natural advantage which they have capitalized on in every way. Even extending their message well beyond “free range” collaboration.Now entering the fray is GoogleSites, arguably the best positioned player to take on Microsoft’s recently acquired high ground. This excellent examination of the two by Sarah Perez covers many of the core issues. When I saw the announcement, the first place I went was the terms of use from Google. I won’t recap them here as they are covered in the Perez post but suffice it to say you assume enormous risk using this as a solution for anything remotely important to operations. Is that really a concern? You bet it is.

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Shoes and ECM

Well Marko , if you are going to run a marathon – the most important thing you have to do (I’m told) is buy the right shoes. From some of the conversations I’ve heard, you can actually be killed if you attempt the wrong physical activity without proper footware (yes I know it’s misspelled – think about it) This makes a certain sense if you’re rock climbing or skiing but I am amazed at variety of “sport” shoes that are indistinguishable to the unathletic. Running, walking, hiking and the most disturbing of them all – cross training. What is that exactly?

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