If I Were AIIM President

There have been some conversations recently about the value of associations in Enterprise Content Management.  These are all absolutely worth reading. Laurence Hart – Too Many Associations Donda Young – Things I want in an association Chris Walker – AIIM – Here’s What I Want I too could post on what I want AIIM to... Continue Reading →

Understanding ECM Is About Dialect

One thing I’ve learned over 15 years in ECM is that there are characteristics in individual systems and solutions that often come to the level of idiosyncrasies.  The problem is that too often people on opposite sides of the table can argue against the same side of a solution for hours without realizing that both... Continue Reading →

BMOC at AIIM Expo 2010

On Tuesday afternoon I'll be speaking on Mobile Content Management  at AIIM Expo.   Mobile content management to me is a "coming of age" story but debate continues as to whether or not this is a category that can eventually stand on its own. Can it be a peer to the other members of the family (WCM, DAM,etc.) ? ... Continue Reading →

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