Opinions and discussion on content management and document management by two of the biggest guys in the business. *Measured by combined weight

Who are the Big Men?


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The opinions shared here represent those of the contributor themselves and not those of their employers nor that of Big Men On Content as a whole.

Lee Dallas and Marko Sillanpaa bring together over 35-years of Enterprise Content Management experience from both a customer and vendor point of view.

We meet at Armedia back in 2007 as “Renowned New Hires”.  We quickly found our lunches turning into brainstorming sessions where we would discuss, like “Southern Gentlemen,” our differences of opinion in ECM strategy and direction.  At first our co-workers would close the door on our conversations but in a matter of days they would open the doors and join us to listen in on our conversations.  We quickly discovered the value of each other’s divergent viewpoints.  Later that summer Lee created our blog, www.bigmenoncontent.com

Acclaim for the Big Men


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  1. Guys,

    The last 2 or 3 blog posts I have received have the same problem than when clicking on the link the post is not available on the actual blog.

    Regards Les

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