Killing Zombies With xDB

Zombies are taking over your IT department. Not the shuffling flesh-eating kind. Something far worse. Zombie applications. They look like their alive but they are not. They used to be living breathing systems but now they are the undead of your application portfolios. Every IT department has a list as long as your arm of... Continue Reading →

Newton’s First Law of Content

Alan Pelz-Sharpe always has a way of getting me thinking. His latest post, ECM Coexistence and the Vuvuzela,   remarks how vendors and customers alike are looking to integrate new content systems with legacy content systems rather than replacing them. Connectors and API's and standards are all the rage. What I wonder though is why the change and... Continue Reading →

XProc Made Easy (er)

This is number one on my list of cool things I want to learn but don't have time for. In fact - this post will be shorter than I would like because I need to get back to the day job.  Jeroen van Rotterdam has posted links in the ECN to the newly released XProc engine from EMC.  The new product is... Continue Reading →

xDB Matters

XML Databases are not new.  People have been working with the concept (if not the name) for a decade.  One of the primary vendors in the space, MarkLogic,  just announcedthey raised $12.5 m USD in series D funding.  This is a notable event - not so much for the company but more for the technology.  It shows that... Continue Reading →

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